LVL X Edgy Girls Clothes

May 18, 2009 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Fox Hills Mall is my favorite mall and, inside that mall, LVL X is my favorite store. The clothes are all on the edgy side – kind of if ghetto club wear met emo and alternative fashion with a bit of hip-hop thrown in. I buy everything but underwear and shoes there (though the store has those too): jackets, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, tights, hats, etc. The prices are incredibly reasonable. I just bought a very nice, sexy club dress for $30.00 and a pair of jeans on sale for $20.00. The average item falls around the $30.00 range with very, very few items priced above $50.00. As a college student, I love this. I plan to continue shopping at this store for as long as it remains open.